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 We have the ebaystore widget with the sames new features as for ebayseller widget.

New options are now available for the eBaystore widget, requested by a lot of eBay stores owners.

This is a widget specifically designed for large templates, responsive or not, to provide more lines and colums for ebay items.

This module uses the the latest API available on Ebay developer website, is very light and quick to download on your pages.

This module is available as a

  • Joomla module for version 2.X and 3.X. This is the version 3.5, downloadable on ebaystore page.
  • ebayseller generator, productiong a universal javascript code for all pages and html templates. Available in the new page  ebaystore-generator page



Parameters available

Store username
Your store name on eBay, used to sell your items.
localize your auctions by country in the 11 ebay different websites. (Used only to specify date format and currency).
Number of items
Number between 1 and 100
Intro text (optional)
If you want to add a text before the auctions.
Sort order
Current price, time, bid count.
Open eBay link
New window or in same window.
Display dates
New option. no/yes
Floating auctions:
regular is the current version. Floating is the new responsive panel.
Filter by Keywords:
You can filter you items by keyword(s): useful to create different widgets, and to filter large amount of items.
5 languages available.

Additional features:

  • Multiple versions of the widget can be done on the same pages.
  • Responsive with floating option.
  • Widget updates automatically in real time: what your users see is what you sell in real time.

Technical features:

  • External coding and parsing interface: widget will always be available from our server
  • All parsing and code running on our server: your server stays free of surcharge. We take care.
  • store name display with rating and star.
Riverauction - regular view

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Floating view

floating view

Floating view without date

floating view