How to use

ebaystore-generator allows to produce a javascript code embed able in any html page. Compatible with mobile devices and responsive.

To embed your widget in your eBay template, you have different solutions:

  • - you must use your own templates and server. This code can't be integrated directly on eBay templates.
  • 1- Copy the code generated in your html template, available for each item.
  • 3- You can also place your embed code in the sidebar column of your store.


Regular river view

admin panel

Floating view

floating view

Contact - Support

If you need support to integrate your code, if you have specific requests, don't hesitate to contact us.We'll answer shortly
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ebaystore generator

If you are an eBay seller without a store, please click here to use the generator for ebayseller.

1) Build the widget

Show generated item

2) Preview the widget (limited to 3 items)

3) Copy the widget

4) Paste the code in your content and save.
    Your widget is ready!

Ebay Store Floating panel

USA, 12 items, 'Silver' keyword, floating version